Our Story is Ali's Story

Our story began in a doctor’s office. Many doctor's offices in fact. After experiencing constant exhaustion, migraines, joint aches and extreme pain when eating, our founder, Ali, needed answers. Following years of searching, she finally discovered that she lives with several chronic illnesses and that eating allergen friendly foods made a huge difference in how she felt. Unfortunately, the few foods she found that worked for her lifestyle didn’t taste good and most importantly didn’t fit all of her dietary needs. So she decided to create foods that changed that!


No Preservatives

Our hot cocoa is organic certified and made without any artificial preservatives or gums.

Gluten free and More

Our hot cocoa is naturally gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free and more. We also make our hot cocoa in a gluten free facility in Connecticut to help protect against cross-contamination.

Better Hot Cocoa

Unlike other hot cocoa mixes, our hot cocoa contains 5 sustainably sourced simple ingredients. To enjoy a cup, just add hot water.

We Live Bare Life

Our founder, Ali, has a major sweet tooth. Living with cancer and Lyme disease, didn’t change that. What did change, were the foods she could eat. So Ali decided to create delicious, allergen friendly treats she could enjoy herself – and now you can too!

We use high quality, simple, organic, kosher and allergen friendly ingredients in our hot cocoa to ensure you are fueling your body with the best! 

We use high quality, simple, organic, kosher and allergen friendly ingredients in our hot cocoa to ensure you are fueling your body with the best! 

Create Your Crave-worthy

We love food and our hot cocoa is just the beginning! We are developing allergen friendly recipes so you can create your own crave-worthy dishes in your kitchen and tailor them to your dietary needs. We will be sharing these recipes on our blog, newsletters and social media accounts, so stay connected!

We Go Beyond Our Food

We are committed not only to bringing you crave-worthy and allergen friendly foods and recipes, but also to being socially and environmentally conscious.


Responsible Sourcing

Not only have we taken our time to source simple and allergen friendly ingredients, but we also worked hard to ensure that we exclusively source from sustainable and organic farms that are either fair-trade certified or provide fair wages and working conditions in line with the fair-trade philosophy. 

Recyclable Packaging

We use glass!

Our hot cocoa’s glass packaging, not only keeps your food safe from chemicals like BPA, found in plastics, but it is also recyclable.

Recyclable Shipment Packaging!

Our shipping boxes, packing inserts, packing paper and even packing tape are all recyclable -- helping reduce waste and pollution in our planet. Even our packing peanuts are made with organic starch, are biodegradable and dissolve in water.

Socially Responsible

Local Impact 

We make our hot cocoa locally in Connecticut, and our partners abroad also contribute to their local communities. Our partner, a cacao farm in Ecuador uses part of its proceeds to contribute to its local community by funding schools, community centers, and education programs.

4-H Foundation

Proceeds from our distinctive green lids on every large hot cocoa jar sold will go to the 4-H Foundation, a national youth development and mentoring organization with an educational focus on science, healthy living, and food security.

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