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During my junior year of college, I began feeling extremely exhausted and in increasing pain from debilitating migraines as well as from merely eating food. After ending up in the emergency room, I had to take a medical leave from school. Suddenly, confined to my bed, my life became visits to 30+ doctors, clinics and nutritionists. I discovered I live with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Hashimoto’s disease, Thyroid Cancer, Lyme Disease and its Co-Infections.

During this journey, I have felt so much support and love. Everyone seems to know someone or are themselves living with similar chronic conditions and diseases. A common struggle, I found, is that recommended diets were helpful, but not convenient. The current foods available either didn’t taste good or didn’t cover multiple allergens. For example, I found many gluten free foods, but very few gluten and dairy free foods. And when I looked for gluten, dairy and refined sugar free foods -- I found nothing! 

 So all of that had me thinking, was I alone in this? I started attending support groups and speaking out and found that answer was a resounding NO!

  • 133 million Americans or 40% of the population live with chronic illness, and even more are  affected by them
  • 15 Million Americans have food allergies
  • 22% of the American population have food sensitivities, and that has us tied for the highest food sensitivity rate in the world

I wanted to make a difference, so I created Bare Life to bring crave-worthiness (because food has to taste good) and convenience to allergen friendly eating. Our foods and recipes are delicious, flavorful and fun. And, I want to make allergen friendly foods easily accessible, whether it’s online, in your local coffee shop or in grocery stores!

Ali Lazowski

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